Meditation for Healing Addictions - 14 min by Tara

Meditation for Healing Addictions - 14 min

This Month's FREE Meditation: Meditation for Healing Addictions


Addiction is rampant in our modern culture. To cope with our daily stress and the overwhelm of endless expectations, we numb our pain using technology, shopping, eating, drugs, and alcohol. This meditation helps to alleviate our suffering while resetting the brain imbalance often responsible for our addictions. It is freeing, and also free for you to try it today.

What's included?

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Meditation for Healing Addictions Videos
Tuning In & Setting the Space
Tune In
5 mins
Meditation for Healing Addictions
10 mins
Tuning Out to Solidify Your Practice
Tune Out
4 mins
Music From This Class
6 mins
Long Time Sun
4 mins
Addiction Meditation
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Addiction Meditation - Download
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Blog Post
A Meditation To Heal Your Addictions (The Ones You Maybe Didn't Know You Had)

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