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A Vibe Tribe Membership gives you access to all our online Kundalini yoga and meditation courses plus their accompanying instructional PDFs to use on your own, all of our music before we release it on Spotify and Apple Music, access to our monthly rotating free meditations, and everything else we...

Meditation Minute Videos

Check out these quick tips to help you keep your chill throughout the day.

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Free Meditation: Kirtan Kriya - 14 min

Kirtan Kriya is a simple and powerful meditation that uses mantra, mudra (or hand position), and eye focus to gently walk your brain into a...

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Meditation for Healing Addictions - 14 min

Addiction is rampant in our modern culture. To cope with our daily stress and the overwhelm of endless expectations, we numb our pain using technology,...

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Conquering Imagined Disabilities and Finding Courage - 41 min

This kriya is a quick and dirty set. It's invigorating and will help you to gather hidden fears, break through limitations blocking you from becoming...

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Kriya for Disease Resistance - 46 min

This set is perfect when your immune system feels weak. It's also great for the transitional period between seasons, and will leave you feeling warm,...

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Kriya for Awakening to Your Ten Bodies & Laya Yoga Meditation - 80 min

Kriya for Awakening to Your Ten Bodies & Laya Meditation is a set well-loved by Kundalini practicers everywhere. It can help you feel more grounded...

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Laya Yoga Meditation - 14 min

The Laya Yoga meditation is a beautiful tool for creating internal stillness, strengthening your intuition, and increasing your power to heal.

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Meditation for Bringing Courage and Removing Fears - 14 min

Recognize your fears and let them go! *Access included with membership.

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Good Vibes Collective Original Music

You can purchase our music here or you can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere else under Good Vibes Collective! Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2N4tXiXXUnieWrIanPqjrC?si=t-On-MWuTn6UT3eWFJOwqA

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Kriya for Elevation - 85 min

This kriya is great for balancing the chakras and exercising the spine through breath(Prana) and body movement.

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